Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage is a crucial chain link which is indispensable in a series of export/import activities of yours. This job requires the performer to be experienced, professional and to understand deeply about regulations on Customs to be able to carry out the service.

Your company does not need to spend much time and money on managing import/export staff. We shall especially assign a professional staff to be in charge of your customs clearance formalities. Therefore, you can totally be confident of handling this difficult job to us without having to supervising.

We handle the customs clearance service for all forms of import/export such as: trade import/ – export, import/ export for investment, non-trade import/ export, temporary import and re-export, temporary export and re-import,… as well as manage your related documents to Customs.

In addition to customs declaration service, we receive proxy from customers to import/export, who are individuals or companies when demanded.

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