International transportation by air

Normally individuals or enterprises do not have much interest in using airfreight for their export/import shipments, for reasons such as: high freight, pressing export/import procedures, high storage fee, and free day is in short-time, high airport and other fees… moreover on peak seasons, booking for large shipments, to go on schedule is not easy.

Airfreight , however, can solve many problems, that other transportation forms could not do such as: fast transit time (suitable for perishable goods, seasonal goods, deadline goods …); high safety (suitable for valuable items like: precious metal, precious stone, electronic products…); low cost (for goods of low weight, small cargo like documents, samples, gifts…).

We understand how difficult you will have to face when choosing airfreight, so we have been always working on our highest responsibility spirit, consulting customers about choosing flight, airfreight method (airfreight, sea-air combined, air-air combined; courier express) and which airline might give the most effective economic results.

With enthusiastic, professional staff and global freight forwarding agency system, we shall address problems that continuously arise in the process of transport, from the time of booking, to customs declaration, measuring goods, keeping track of flight schedule, connecting flights…until goods arrive at destination airport or warehouse of customer. We shall always be with you, updating for you information of your shipments imported into Vietnam from all places in the world, or vice versa from Vietnam to anywhere in the world.

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